FromFet: My Submission Is an Aardvark

Originally posted November 2013 My submission is an aardvark. And by that I mean it has value and I don’t just give it to any Joe Schmoe with a D or an M after his name. He has to earn it! And I get to take it back if I…

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Caly’s Game Is Available Online Again!

  Edited to add all the Buy links as they go live. Amazon: e-book Kobo: e-book Barnes & Noble: e-book (TBA) So, after ten days of waiting for Amazon to get their shit together, I’ve finally gotten Caly’s Game back on the shelf! You might remember from my post about Publishing Update…

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FromFet: Control vs. Consent

Originally posted 29 July 2014 So this thread popped up in my feed tonight. (Edited to add, for those not on Fet: this thread was titled Who is *really* in control, and argued, in part, that the bottom in any scene has more control — all the control, really — than…

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