January 2018

FromFet: To Newbie, With Love

Originally posted 14 November 2011 I’ve been told that someone is telling newbies that the kink community is all about butterflies and flowers. So I thought I would give you an idea of what the community is, what it is not, and a few pointers on how to interact. This…

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What to expect here…

I hope everyone’s new year started out nice and kinky! Mine has started out nice, but I haven’t gotten to the kinky bit yet. I will though, don’t you worry! 🙂 I wanted to put a note up about what I’m going to do with this blog. I’m not going…

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Time to Ring in the Kinky New Year!

Happy Kinky 2018!! I’m glad to see 2017 go but, man, did it fly by! I’m really excited about the new year, though. I’ve got some big, kinky plans! First, I’m getting back into teaching and presenting. You can check out where I’m going to be on the Events page…

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