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Trinity (you can find her as writergirl on FetLife) is a writer and an editor of sometimes weird, sometimes mainstream, sometimes kinky shit. She holds a M.F. A. in Writing Popular Fiction and learned more in that program than she can comfortably fit in her head. Duct tape works nicely here.

She has worked in the publishing industry for ten years, mostly behind the scenes as a developmental and content editor. Trinity still accepts select clients for freelance fiction editing. If you’re interested, please feel free to send her a message via the Contact Trin page. Additionally, given the opportunity, she will talk about writing and publishing for days. Seriously. Days. You’ve been warned.

Trinity writes realistic kink! Trinity came up in the Atlanta BDSM scene in the mid-90s and has been an active kink and poly person for two decades. She’s traveled the nationally, from the Florida to Illinois, Louisiana to the Carolinas, teaching classes about kink and D/s. Her particular passions are protocol, ritual, and rope, which readers will see reflected in her work. And, of course, hot sex!

In 2008, Trinity entered the publishing industry as an editor at an erotic romance publisher. She’s taught writing classes at numerous conventions and private writing events, and she edits freelance for many genres — romance to horror. She thrives on helping other writers improve their craft.

Now, Trinity combines her two obsess—err…passions by writing hot, sexy kink stories! It’s important to her that her work resonates especially with those who know and understand the kink and poly lifestyles. If it’s accurate to those who “get it,” then it will be most helpful for those just learning it. That’s not to say Trinity won’t write stories without BDSM. Variety is what makes life spicy! But you can count on her to bring you great, realistic kink.  You can follow Trinity on Twitter: @Trinity_writes and even catch her live on Periscope: @Trinity_Writes.


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