Welcome to Sanctum

I know going to a dungeon for the first time can be intimidating, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to tell you about Sanctum, so you’re not as freaked out.

A little bit of history first. Sanctum was originally created as a private play space by Vic and Miriam. It was a place where they, and their friends, could keep their equipment and meet together to social time and play on the weekends. As their group grew, so did Sanctum and eventually Vic decided to make it a membership-only public play space. That was over ten years ago.

What Does It Look Like?

When you first walk in, there is a long counter to the left where people sign up, sign in, and pay their door fee. The room is large and open, with a small social area to the right, with a few couches as well as, strangely, a dentist chair. In the corner adjacent to the front door is a set of stairs leading up into darkness.

Almost exactly across from the entrance is a thick, wooden door embellished with a lion head knocker.

Through the Door of the Lion

Just inside, before we actually get to the main dungeon, we’ll turn to the right there and is a moderately sized alcove with gym lockers lining one wall and a coat rack on another. Turning to the left, we find a short, narrow corridor which leads to a kitchen.

In the kitchen, on the left is a long wooden table with several chairs. On the right is the kitchen proper. It has an island counter and on the other side of the island, a fridge, coffee maker, and microwave. The fridge is kept stocked with drinks and fruit, so if you get a little peckish, feel free to grab something. Members bring snacks to share on the nights that Sanctum is open.

On the far wall over opposite us, you’ll see the door to the patio, which has several tables to sit at and a barbecue for when the weather is nice. And the little hall to the right near the patio door are a couple bathrooms.

Let’s go back to the lion door. Ready to see the dungeon?

The Main Event

The dungeon opens out, a somewhat cavernous room, with full ceiling to floor mirrors on the right. In the corner is a big padded bench the underside of which is a metal cage with black bars. Also here is the doorway to another bathroom. In front of the mirrors are two St. Andrew’s crosses, one painted black, the other finished in an oak stain.

Directly across from the entrance, near the far wall, an ebony table, made from thick slabs of wood, dominates this half of the room. It isn’t a pretty table, but it is huge, easily eight feet long and five feet wide with metal rings affixed along the edge, every two feet.

There are two spanking benches, one black and one red, in the center of the room.

There are two other exits from this room. One is in the far right corner, between the hanging table and the mirrored wall. It is an open archway leading to a darkened room. We’ll investigate that in a bit. First, let’s check out the other exit, which is closer to the entrance.

Another open archway is to our left and, entering, we’re in a long, narrow parlor that extends to the right, with another doorway at the far end on the opposite wall from where we entered. The parlor is decorated in an old, 1800s motif, with tall narrow bookshelves stuffed with old volumes lining one wall. A thick, aged oriental carpet covers the concrete floor and the scent of sandalwood lingers in the air.

A small settee in dark green brocade hugs the wall opposite the bookcases, to our right. In the far corner, past the settee, a wooden throne sits — that’s all it can be called. It is tall and narrow and regal, with gilt accents and dark purple cushioning on the seat and back. Beside it, against the short wall, is a similar chair, but plain, made of stark pieces of wood, painted black. Where wrists and ankles would rest, thick metal cuffs are bolted to the arms and legs.

And through the next doorway, beside the prisoner’s chair, is a medical room. It is brightly lit with a white linoleum floor and pale blue walls. A medical exam table complete with stirrups takes up the majority of the left side of the room, along with a bright, adjustable overhead medical spotlight. On the right side, there is a padded chair with armrests and leather restraints. Something like a medical version of the prisoner’s chair. A number of things hang on the wall: several lab coats with stethoscopes in the pockets, a full set of brown leather restraints, a set of cloth restraints, and two straightjackets. Two!

The BackRoom and the Hole

Back to the main room, because we have one more doorway. Let’s pass the spanking benches, pass the heavy black table. In that far corner, going through the archway takes us into a very plain room with walls made of concrete block. Two walls are painted black and two a dark grey. The room is about a third of the size of the main room and has a very solid chain hanging down in the center of the back half of the room. A thick industrial floor mat covers the concrete floor beneath the chain.

In the front half, in the far corner to our left, another cross leans against the distant wall. Tape on the floor sections off a narrow corridor leading from this doorway to the cross. This is the whip lane. It’s for play with long singletails.

And one last doorway is in the right corner, completely opposite to that cross. It is a shorter doorway and most people have to stoop at least a little bit to get in. The room is tiny, roughly the size of a small bathroom. No kinky furniture graces this room. Grey paint covers all four walls and the floor, which has a drain set directly in the center of the room. Shackles hang from two of the walls, bolted into the concrete block. The whole room smells faintly of bleach. The Hole.

And What Goes on Upstairs?

You might remember that there is a stairway in the social area. Unfortunately, being new, you don’t have access to that area as yet. Keep coming back, though. Keep exploring. That’s what’s important.


Sanctum is the dungeon (and namesake) for my Sanctum Series of sexy BDSM books. The first book is called Caly’s Game and does not feature Sanctum, unfortunately, though Evan, the hero in that book, is a regular at the club. Readers will first experience the club in Sanctum Shorts #1: Are You Willing? and get a more in-depth look in Miriam’s Collar (coming in July!).

If you were around the kink scene in the 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia, some aspects of Sanctum might seem familiar. And you are not going crazy. Sanctum is modeled after Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, as an homage to that wonderful place.

Thanks for taking the tour. I hope you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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