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The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) is the oldest pansexual BDSM organization in the country. They’ve recently celebrated their 45th anniversary. Every year, TES hosts a weekend-long event right around Independence Day called TESFest. This year, I was able to attend, finally 🙂 I’m just going to do a short recap. Well, hopefully short. You know how I am 🙂

I taught four classes (more than usual) and co-hosted the Novices and Newbies Meet & Greet on Friday night.

All of my classes went very well, including the one I wasn’t sure would have a very good turn out. That class, When It’s Time, is not a fun, sexy topic, but a very difficult one. So the class isn’t requested very often and I never know whether there will be one person (which has happened) or a dozen. This time, it was closer to a dozen, which was lovely.

So I was really pleased with my classes. I met some great folks (both in and outside my classes) and got to talk a lot about service and power dynamics, which is ALWAYS my jam 😉

Two of the original TES founders were in attendance and I had an opportunity to meet them. (Okay, I made the opportunity, as I walked up to them when they were sitting on their own at a table in the lounge.) First, I love talking to older folks. I always have. And second, I appreciate having  a chance to thank them for the path they paved for the rest of us. So I introduced myself and did exactly that.

I’m so grateful for all the people who came before us, who fought battles so that we can have events in hotels, so that we can have dungeon spaces, so that we can have the freedom to have blogs like this, online spaces like Fetlife. Certainly, we have a long way to go yet, but the bravery these folks had… I’m just always thankful for them.

Moving on, I also attended a couple great classes. One highlight was the Boot Stomping class given by Schadenfreude. I do a lot of rough body play, which for me includes slapping, punching, biting, kicking, elbowing, etc. So I use my boots with some frequency. Because of my weight (and my perception of my weight), I’ve never considered stepping or standing on someone before. After taking this class, I’m inspired to give that a try!

So anyone interested in letting me stand and stomp on you with my big boots, lemme know! 😉

I also saw a couple new things in the dungeon that I’d never seen before. That is always a treat, because once you’ve been in the scene for a couple decades, dungeon settings tend to be… let’s just say commonplace. It’s rare to see something new.

One new thing I saw was a woman “restraining” a man with balloons. You know, those long thin ones that balloon animals are created out of? Yes, those. She had his wrists cuffed, put on a hip/thigh harness, along with a blindfold and a gag. Obviously that’s more about mental restraint than physical restraint, but it was so interesting to watch and the top seemed very skilled in that particular medium. It was really enjoyable.

The other thing I saw was a blow-dart scene. Certainly, I’ve heard of scenes like this over the years, but this was my first opportunity to actually watch one, which was fun. The top here also seemed very skilled because she was able to cluster the darts together. Every time a dart hit the bottom’s ass, the woman would cling to the wall in front of her and sometimes look like she was melting down it. It was lovely!

TESFest takes over the entire hotel, so there is no “behind the curtain” really. The entire place is behind the curtain. This means something very interesting from a practical perspective.

The hotel is U-shaped and has an outdoor courtyard which has a privacy fence on the one open end. So this creates a private space for the congoers. Basically the courtyard is turned into a 24/7 outdoor play space, with 5 or 6 suspension rigs, half dozen crosses and the occasional spanking bench.

So another highlight was being suspended on an outdoor rig at dusk by one of my favorite rope tops ever. Yay! 🙂

Oh, one other thing, especially for the Frolicon peeps who ask about this *every freaking year*. The pool at TESFest is technically indoor, because it’s enclosed in glass, but it’s situated outside, along the line of the open part of the U (basically parallel with the privacy fence). Because it is also “behind the curtain,” many folks swam nekkid.

Speaking of Frolicon, we definitely had a Frolicon contingency there; folks from different parts of the southeast but who all have FC in common. Both melissa-frolicon and goodlittlegirl, two of the FC producers, were there hosting the Bead Table and the Wish Board. And we had about half a dozen other Frolicon peeps there too. So don’t be surprised if we have an influx of folks from the northeast at Frolicon this year! We totally pimped what a great time it is! 🙂

There are lots of things to talk about in relation to TESFest, but I don’t want to write a tome, so I’ll just leave it at that. But if you see me out and about and want to hear more about TESFest, just hit me up 🙂





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