FromFet: My Submission Is an Aardvark

Originally posted November 2013

My submission is an aardvark. And by that I mean it has value and I don’t just give it to any Joe Schmoe with a D or an M after his name. He has to earn it! And I get to take it back if I want to. I know that’s not the dictionary definition of aardvark. And it’s not even the common usage of the word either. But that’s what it means to me and here in BDSM-land, you don’t get to tell me that words have meaning because I get to decide what every word means in relation to me! Because I am what’s important. Not clarity. Not communication. Okay, well communication is important because they always say so, over and over. But communication means I get to use whatever words I want. It doesn’t mean they have to be clear to you. And if you don’t agree or you tell me my submission couldn’t possibly be an aardvark, then I will scream to everyone who can hear me how you are a One Twu Wayer and that you can’t be trusted because you think my kink is not okay!

My submission is an aardvark. And you can’t tell me I shouldn’t get offended if someone assumes aardvark means aardvark and tries to use my submission to suck up ants. When I say my submission is an aardvark it means something different to me than to you. And that’s my right, to think of it the way I want to. And it’s not my fault if you don’t understand what I really mean. You should have asked. It’s not my job to use correct words to convey my meaning. It’s your job to figure out my meaning from my words. I get to pick whatever word I want to convey my meaning, even if it doesn’t mean anything near what I want to convey. Because no one gets to tell me how to do BDSM.

My submission is an aardvark. Because entitlement.

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1 Comment on FromFet: My Submission Is an Aardvark

  1. Alena Alasdar | May 26, 2018 at 2:18 pm | Reply

    Love this!

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