March 2018

SWLC Post, The Third: Leather Is As Leather Does

This is the third post of a small group that all go together (I promise we’re almost done!). If you haven’t read from the beginning, the first post is You Can’t Say No to the Universe. It will make much more sense if you read it from the beginning. Subsequent posts…

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Quick Publishing Update!

The publisher of Caly’s Game has closed its doors, which lit a fire under my ass to get on with the indie publishing of it and other stories. Earlier this week, the rights to Caly’s Game reverted back to me and so it was officially removed from all retail sites. Now…

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SWLC Post, the Second: The Weakest Link

This post is the second in a small group of posts that all go together. If you haven’t yet, please read SWLC Post, The First: You Can’t Say No to the Universe. — This writing isn’t going to be a point by point accounting of what happened at Southwest Leather…

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