Quick Publishing Update!

The publisher of Caly’s Game has closed its doors, which lit a fire under my ass to get on with the indie publishing of it and other stories. Earlier this week, the rights to Caly’s Game reverted back to me and so it was officially removed from all retail sites. Now I can go full steam ahead with self-publishing! Whee!

Here’s the plan:

Within the week: Re-publish *Caly’s Game* e-book

I almost have the e-book ready to go. I’m just waiting on one thing and then I need to put it all together and get it uploaded to all the sites.

March 30: Publish Caly’s Game print edition

Caly’s Game will also be available in a print edition! Squee! It’s taking a bit longer because it has additional logistics to be worked on. But there will be a print edition!

April 20: Publish Sanctum Shorts: Caly & Evan e-book

Sanctum is the dungeon in Caly and Evan’s community. Readers were not introduced to it specifically in Caly’s Game but will get a taste of it in the first Sanctum Short I’ll be releasing. Sanctum Shorts are going to be a series of vignette stories which will be kinky scenes from the lives of the people who populate the world of Sanctum. The initial installment features Caly and Evan in Caly’s first ever public scene at Sanctum!

The story is finished and currently with beta readers and I expect to have the cover done and have it published on April 20. Sanctum Shorts will be published as e-books, though after I have several, I may compile them into an anthology which would be available for print as well.

May 15: Publish Miriam’s Collar in print and e-book

That’s right! I’m shooting to have book two of the Sanctum Series available in time for Frolicon!! This book features Miriam, who is one of the co-founders of Sanctum and just coming back out into the community. Also Griffith, a transplant from the west, who’s been in the Sanctum community for about a year and is just beginning to be interested in learning about d/s, after several years of expertise in inflicting pain.

So that’s the plan! I’m going to be putting together a Street Team to help get the word out about the books, so keep an eye out for a post about joining that, if you’re interested 🙂


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