Are You Willing? – A Sanctum Short

A Sanctum Short

Book Cover: Are You Willing? - A Sanctum Short
Part of the Sanctum Shorts series:
  • Are You Willing? - A Sanctum Short
Part of the The Sanctum Series series:

Welcome to Sanctum Shorts! These short, sexy reads feature characters from the Sanctum Series experiencing scenes in their local dungeon.

The first Sanctum Short, Are You Willing?, features Caly and Evan, from Caly's Game, in her very first public scene at Sanctum. It's all about rope, crops, and knives! And, of course, super sexy times at home afterwards!

See what happens with Caly and Evan after Caly's Game!

Looking to tour Sanctum, the dungeon in the Sanctum Series? You can catch the tour right here!

Cover Artists:

My phone buzzed in the pocket of my cargo shorts. I swiped a forearm over my sweaty forehead and pulled off my work glove.

Evan: I’ll be back at my apartment around 6, enough time for a shower before we head out to dinner.

Before I’d even finished typing “Okay,” he’d sent another.

Evan: I’ve left clothes out on my bed for you, along with a couple other things. Be sure you’re ready when I get home.

My breath caught for a second and then poofed out in a tiny cloud in front of my face. Little pinpricks of desire tingled in my belly. I backspaced over my “Okay.”

Me: Yes sir.

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