Are You Willing? – A Sanctum Short

A Sanctum Short

Book Cover: Are You Willing? - A Sanctum Short
Part of the Sanctum Shorts series:
  • Are You Willing? - A Sanctum Short
Part of the The Sanctum Series series:

Welcome to Sanctum Shorts! These short, sexy reads feature characters from the Sanctum Series experiencing scenes in their local dungeon.

The first Sanctum Short, Are You Willing?, features Caly and Evan, from Caly's Game, in her very first public scene at Sanctum. It's all about rope, crops, and knives! And, of course, super sexy times at home afterwards!

See what happens with Caly and Evan after Caly's Game!

Looking to tour Sanctum, the dungeon in the Sanctum Series? You can catch the tour right here!

Cover Artists:

My phone buzzed in the pocket of my cargo shorts. I swiped a forearm over my sweaty forehead and pulled off my work glove.

Evan: I’ll be back at my apartment around 6, enough time for a shower before we head out to dinner.

Before I’d even finished typing “Okay,” he’d sent another.

Evan: I’ve left clothes out on my bed for you, along with a couple other things. Be sure you’re ready when I get home.

My breath caught for a second and then poofed out in a tiny cloud in front of my face. Little pinpricks of desire tingled in my belly. I backspaced over my “Okay.”

Me: Yes sir.

Caly’s Game

Book Cover: Caly's Game

Caly Arling is a headstrong, independent attorney who has always been the hunter when it came to getting men into bed. As a fat chick, she learned a long time ago to grab her world by the horns. She doesn’t do relationships; she takes what she wants and sends the man on his way.

When Caly meets sexy architect Evan Morrell, her world is thrown topsy-turvy. He doesn’t respond to her advances the way she’s used to men responding—yet he seems interested. Evan pulls her from her game of hunter/prey into his, which includes rope, blindfolds, and spanking benches. Can Caly break old habits in order to explore this powerfully sensual world with a man who inspires her most staggering emotions?

Reviews:Pamela T. on Amazon wrote:

What a breath of fresh air...and hot eroticism. Trinity has crafted this book with genuine dialogue and authentic characters that readers can actually relate to. Caly is not a perfect size 4 and Evan is not a suave multimillionaire...they are real people living believable lives. Caly has a strong personality and never becomes a doormat for Evan. Evan likes to control but understands that control without consent is not even a good fantasy. Kink (BDSM, sex, rope, dominance etc) is the central theme and it's done well, combined with everyday life, probably because Trinity writes what she knows. I hope she writes more..maybe even a sequel to Caly's Game?

Carol's Read List on Amazon wrote:

It’s not often you really connect with a book’s character. Caly’s journey isn’t over and I want to be there! Loved the challenge she faced and cheered when she found her way. Love the self discovery and the wonderful lack of angst the author gives the reader. Whew! Hot and totally page turn worthy! Recommend this read and want more. Now. Really!!!

Heather-Leigh on Amazon wrote:

“Caly’s Game,” the first book of the Sanctum Series, is a treat for connoisseurs of realistic and respectfully explicit kinky fiction. Readers are introduced to Caly, an independent attorney who knows what she wants, both in the bedroom and in her daily pursuits. Caly is a relatable protagonist; smart and savvy. And she is about to discover she really doesn’t know it all. The question: Is she willing to be vulnerable enough to learn?
An engaging read, Trinity’s debut is just as clever and perceptive as the protagonist herself. The author rises beautifully to the challenge of presenting an accomplished, thoughtful, and downright sexy read that showcases an environment of trust and consent which is panty-soakingly effective and emotionally, exhaustingly honest.

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