Quick Publishing Update!

The publisher of Caly’s Game has closed its doors, which lit a fire under my ass to get on with the indie publishing of it and other stories. Earlier this week, the rights to Caly’s Game reverted back to me and so it was officially removed from all retail sites. Now…

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SWLC Post, The First: You Can’t Say No to the Universe

This is crossposted on Fetlife. February 2018 Sometimes, to really understand a thing, we must know what came before. This is what came before. I. I don’t believe in God. I haven’t in a long time. I do believe that there is sometimes something that moves things into place for…

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Time to Ring in the Kinky New Year!

Happy Kinky 2018!! I’m glad to see 2017 go but, man, did it fly by! I’m really excited about the new year, though. I’ve got some big, kinky plans! First, I’m getting back into teaching and presenting. You can check out where I’m going to be on the Events page…

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