Calling all Trinions: Want to read Miriam’s Collar before everyone else?

Back when Caly’s Game first came out, during an interview, I was asked what I would call my fandom. So I put the question to my Fetfriends. The overwhelming answer?


I love this name because it makes me laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy at the same time! 🙂

So right now I am calling on all the Trinions out there! I need your help.

As I mentioned in my Publishing Update, I’ve got lots of book-type things in the pipeline! So I’m looking for a dozen or so people who would be interested in being a part of the Trinions Street Team!

What is expected of the Trinions Street Team?

Excitement! I’m looking for folks who are super excited about Caly’s Game and the upcoming short stories and the new book, Miriam’s Collar, and want to share that with the world! Share on social media, leave reviews on retail sites, tell friends at munches and events, etc.

What do Trinions get in return?

Excitement! 😉

Also, early, discounted (sometimes free) access to new books and stories!

Direct access to me via a secret FB group.

Background info that the general public won’t have, like character sheets, setting sketches, background stories, etc.

Regular Q&A sessions, if there’s interest in that.

Potential opportunity to beta read drafts of new stories.

There might even be the option of a real life party or two for folks who are local (or willing to travel) to Atlanta. 🙂

Interested? Read on!

Yay! 🙂 There are a couple of requirements though, so read through these and make sure you’re comfortable with them.

1. Trinions must have at least 1 already active Facebook or Twitter account that can be used to talk about kink, pimp the books, etc. If you’ve got a good following on Tumblr, that might also be worthwhile.

I definitely want to be clear on this point. You must be comfortable talking about kink-related topics on social media. Not necessarily all your social media. If you have a real-life Facebook account, but a kinky Twitter account, that’s perfectly fine.

2. Trinions must be willing to join the Trinion Street Team Facebook group. If you are on FB with your real name, that will mean revealing your real name to me and other Trinions in the group. The group itself is set to Secret, so nothing about the group can be seen on your feed by anyone else. But people in the group will know your FB name (and you will know ours, too, so… 😉 )

Obviously inherent in this point is that all Trinions must respect the privacy of others. It probably doesn’t need to be mentioned, but I’d rather mention it and be clear.

3. Must be willing to leave reviews on various retail outlets, like Amazon.

4. Must have a minimum of 1 hour per week to dedicate to Team activities. This won’t be required every week, necessarily, but it’s incredibly important that on the weeks I need you, you have the time to give me.

Still interested? That’s awesome! Please head on over to the Trinion Google Form and let me know!

Questions? Feel free to drop them below. I like answering questions 🙂

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